Selling your domain name

To sell your domain via our website:

  1. To sell your domain name using SelectDomain.com, please request a domain name listing via the bottom blue button. Also include within that communication form, the price in US dollars which you have decided to ask for your domain together with whether you require that price or are prepared to invite offers via our 'Make Offer' facility.  Please note that in any event you will be able to choose to accept or decline any final offer to buy your domain name.
  2. If the domain name you wish to sell is set to a private record at your current registrar (or the WHOIS record is unavailable) then you will need to manually provide us with proof of ownership for the domain name in order for us to list it for sale.   In such situation we can advise, and owner-verification is then usually easily achieved by temporarily turning off WHOIS domain privacy, or sending us a screenshot of your registrant contact information taken whilst you are logged into your registrar, or otherwise by you simply adding a code which we provide into your domain's DNS TXT record.
  3. Please read our terms and conditions before requesting to list your domain name on our site. Please also appreciate that our site does filter all domain listing requests in order that we can maintain higher quality ('Select') domain name listings. i.e. Just because you request a listing does not mean the domain will be listed on SelectDomain.com because it might not meet our criteria. And if your domain is not listed, it does not mean that you will not be able to sell your domain through other channels using the many other such services which are avialable across the internet.
  4. If your domain is accepted for a listing on our site, the listing is free and you can list the domain with us until either you or ourselves for any reason may no longer wish to list it. (e.g until the domain name sells either via our site or elsewhere, or until any party simply no longer wishes for it to be listed.) We also have no objection at all if you wish to list the domain simultaneously on other sites.

    Please note that there is never any condition, requirement or enticement for you to park domains through us or stipulation for you to list a 'buy it now' price. Although you can do so if you wish to stipulate a 'buy now' price, and with or without a 'make offer' option.  It is totally up to you. There is also no need to get involved in any auction, as you are totally in control of the sale price that you wish to accept for your domain name.

    There is really no downside to listing your domain(s) for sale on SelectDomain.com
  5. Domain names that sell via SelectDomain.com incur a 15% commission fee paid by the seller only upon a successful sale and based upon the final agreed sale price.

    Please note that unlike numerous other services, there is also no minimum fee operated by SelectDomain.com and therefore any commission is never increased, in percentage terms of the total sales amount, due to smaller transactions.

    So just as we say,  'Simple and Fair Domain Name Transactions'.