About SelectDomain

SelectDomain.com was registered in 2003 and formed to provide a straightforward marketplace to buy and sell domain names. Our domain name experience and IT skill-base goes back to the 1980s when the internet was just getting started.

We are completely passionate about quality, more-select domain names and are able to be independent because we are not a domain name registrar or web-based template service.

Domains are the modern version of what business signs used to be, but on steroids!

Our service, based in the UK does not advertise or sell any domain name for 99p or interweave other web services on this site with our core domain name offering.

In terms of transparency, our own domain name was originally registered by us in Toronto, Canada and we do own numerous other select domain names which have been acquired over time. Some of this portfolio of quality names are used for projects and a portion are for sale. Clearly, almost any domain name is for sale 'at a price'.  Individuals and businesses regularly buy and sell domain names for various reasons including for new projects, domains no longer required, website name changes, personal or business investment, . . etc.

We also work with selected partners carefully chosen to expand the choice of names offered to our customers, but never at the expense of quantity over quality.

Our service is founded on integrity, value for money, and transparency. Together with providing an easy-to-use website, this results in a smooth, fair and personal service whether you are a buyer or seller of a domain name.