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  • Premium domain names that, when you look at the many other names 'on offer' across the Web, will immediately stand out and simply make sense in a way which is only to be remembered.

We pride ourselves on this quality and focus, and just as the name 'SelectDomain' describes, this is the site to easily select from the best of domain names.

Premium Domain Names:   Do I really need one?

So we know what we are talking about: A premium domain name has usually been previously registered for quite a period of time. Some are in current use whereas others might have been acquired as an investment and/or previously utilised. Premium domain names are predominantly one or two-word, shorter '.com' domains. They cost more than other domains due to supply and demand and the fact that there are only so many available. They tend to attract much higher website visitor traffic, and communicate higher credibility and association with a more serious business. Nearly all high-traffic sites use premium domain names.

  • Websites and domain names are the new real estate and shop windows of our digital age. This is especially true of premium domain names.
  • A website domain name is an essential part of what helps signpost visitors to your site.
  • A website can be 'the prettiest thing you ever could see',  .  . even offer the best product or service, .  .  or provide the most useful information

    But if nobody or few people actually see it, and can trust and remember its clear name and message, .  .  then what good is that to anyone?   And if you don't have complete confidence in the genuine message which you are communicating and sending out to people, and in how it is communicated, . . then why should anybody else?
  • If you are serious about having an effective Web presence then it is essential to have your own website (i.e. A site that you actually own). The first step in that journey is to purchase and own your own domain name.

    A good and memorable domain name (preferably a premium domain name dot-com at launch) gives your project the best chance of not only being noticed, but also favoured and remembered by web users and search engines alike.   So before you immediately get enticed, or left using a .rip, .pizza or .wtf domain name that you might not even own, or leave it in the same 'eggbasket' as 'your website', please do carry out your basic research and choose carefully.

    Then your site is far more likely to be taken seriously and listed preferentially in search engine results. In the 'world of web', there are not too many opportunities to engage and make a good first, and then lasting impression.

    There are clearly numerous suppliers out there who will be 'all too happy' to supply you with domain names which are very unlikely to do your, or any website credit or justice.  We are not prepared to do that.   Every name submitted to us for sale that is listed on our site has been deemed by us as suitable to be called a 'Select Domain' name which in our view is then far more likely to be beneficial for your website. We reject many domain names that we consider to be substandard.

    Yes a premium domain name is more expensive than other domain names (sometimes very much so), but as with many other things in life, if there is a limited supply and also many individuals or entities believe that they alone should be able to have the exclusive benefit of what is available, then it is obviously up to the present owner of the domain to either agree or disagree with any offers that are made.
  • It is frequently considered that your web hosting service (i.e. the computer server which 'houses' your website design code) is the stable base or 'home' for your website.

    This in reality is a common fallacy. Yes your website design and coding (and ownership of) is certainly important, but A web host can be changed much more easily than your domain name. (that is, if you really do own your website design and domain name.)

    In truth, it is actually the domain name which can be the stable associated root where your website really resides in people's minds, in links, and in search engine results. And it is that same domain name home reference that can stand like a rock as a controlled constant working for you over time as your site and project grows, and whatever web host and domain name registrar you may currently or later choose.

    Your domain name IS your website project's home.
  • Another common question is to do with 'easy free website' services where you 'just click and drag' and then like magic have a site 'just like that'.  Well yes you can get a site quickly and cheaply up and running with these 'template' services. And yes, such outfits may even also sometimes employ a supermodel or other such promotion, which could possibly distract one's attention for a moment :-)

    But the important thing is:  Is this really the best option overall for you?
  • Unfortunately many 'website builder/template services' do not allow you to have the free websites they commonly advertise, to be attached to your own domain name. Nor in that case to even use Google Analytics!  To use your own domain name or Analytics you would commonly need to purchase a premium plan from them in advance. These lower cost or free services can also frequently result in greatly inferior domain names, or even one of many diluted subdomains congregated together, but under a single main domain name. This results in inferior SEO treatment by search engines as well as a greater liklihood of being deemed to be spam when it comes to email communications.

    Not good.

    So perhaps there is really no such thing as 'a free lunch'.

    SelectDomain are neither a web host nor a registrar, and we consider it is always much better to own your own good domian name, make sure the name is registered to yourself as 'the official registrant', and also keep it held at a good registrar, but completely separate from your current web hosting provider.

    Another common downside if using a 'free website creation' service can be that you are then commonly constrained to use their own propritary creation tool to design 'your' site. Hence if you then fall out with, want to move on from, or outgrow them, or prices escalate, you would need to start your website infrastructure again, but completely from scratch.

    i.e. if you don't even then own what you might have thought was 'your own' website design which you spent precious time and effort creating and building up, then you often cannot export your website to another host, and you are basically 'locked in' forever unless you start all over again.

    Website development companies can also register their clients' domain names 'owned' by their client. Free or Easy website bulding services can also do exactly that, maybe just because they can get away with it, or because the customer does not understand any better.

    In such circumstances you can then end up owning neither 'your' website design code, nor 'your own' domain name. And the ownership of a domain can really be a problem. (It's 'the Mother' of all problems!)

    Therefore whatever route you take with respect to the design of your website, it is always far more preferable to own your own domain name for your important project (preferably a premium domain name .com) in order that there is no significant possibilty of you loosing the domain name or being 'held over a barrel' concerning 'your very own website'.

Why SelectDomain.com?

  • With SelectDomain.com, you can do exactly what the name describes. You can easily search for your ideal domain name from a list of the more-select, quality domain names. And then select it for purchase to use within your project. It is then legally owned by you outright as the official registrant of that domain name for as long as you wish and for as long as you pay the small annual registration renewal fee to your chosen registrar. (Currently approximately £12 or $15 per year for a '.com')
  • We do very much focus on the more useful and effective premium domain names that are far more likely to add value to any website. The names that communicate professionalism and simplicity,   or like our service, do what they say 'on the tin'.

    The hard truth about domain names, (and you won't hear it much, or even at all from numerous outfits that include the sale of very many such domains in their listings), . . The truth is that most domain names are pretty useless, hence not worth hardly anything, and are not really sellable to anyone, apart from those who don't recognise this hard fact.

    And that is why Selectdomain does not sell them.

    Why buy a useless domain name that will neither work best for your important project, nor be readily saleable to anyone else when or if that project terminates?
  • So we do certainly sort 'the wheat from the chaff', making your job easier and more likely to be successful. Every domain name listed on our site has been considered to be a 'select domain name' i.e. one that stands above the very many inferior names available. Time is important and we understand that you not only want to make the best decision over choosing a domain name, but that you also want to get on with your web project and business as soon as possible.
  • Our service helps provide simple, straightforward and transparent domain name transactions to all of our customers. We are not a domain name registrar, nor a website host, and therefore have no possible conflicts of interest when it comes to facilitating the transfer of domain names. i.e. we have no preference as to where the domain currently is now, will be thereafter, or where it has been in terms of registrar, and we earn no such registration fees. We also have no reason to recommend 'everything and anything' to 'start you off' by selling you a rubbish domain name, in the belief maybe that if you host with us, and you are tied-in 'in some way', that the additional charges for things you will then likely need, will compensate us for the former . . . etc.


    Similarly, SelectDomain do not earn parking fees for domains we do not own, which again can be a potential conflict of interest when it comes to simultaneously trying to promote the sale of a domain whilst earning parking fees from that same domain name.

    And we never obligate or coax sellers into listing 'buy it now' domain name listings, or into selling their domain by auction.  Sellers are always completely in control of the price they choose to accept (as are buyers) and we do not overly complicate what should be a smooth proccess. As well as the buyer of any domain not paying any commission fee at all to ourselves, neither do we impose a minimum fee on sellers for any transaction that turns out to be agreed below any price level. We also never quote a domain name with any attached conditions in terms of listing or insisting that the price includes 'your registration with us'. (So do look around carefully as to what is really on offer.)

    To take one example: we have perused the prices of other sites and even taking just one supplier of domain names (they are quite big and offer all the web design template and 'come register and host with us' services etc):- It is common to see one domain price listed if you type in the domain name in your browser's address bar and upon clicking on their page's link. And then see yet another very different price on going into the domain search facility on their site. And yet another price upon actually trying to buy the domain from them!   As an added 'bonus', I have even commonly seen the real owners details being 'less available' when trying to directly clarify matters.

    In our view, it is a sad truth that much of domain name supply is currently facilitated by entities who also have control over website hosting and domain registration. Would you want the doctor who operated on your back to be the same person to judge if he did it right, if the operation was actually botched?

    Another example or 'big name' that many have independently expressed their dissatisfaction in after trusting in such a service is here. (But you can obviously judge for yourself)

    What a minefield and hullabaloo!   We do not believe it should be like this.   So do beware.

    The fair and simple treatment from us, combined with the fact that all our listed domain names are pre-filtered SelectDomain names, makes all the difference.
  • SelectDomain is purely a marketplace for the effective listing and fair buying and selling of quality/select domain names.

So whether you are looking for a quality premium domain name for your new project, or otherwise just want to get a fair sale price for a premium domain name which you already own . . .

contact us today, or click on any listed domain name in order to make an offer   .   .   .   and start that journey

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