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Buyers pay NO Fees*. Sellers LIST FOR FREE and pay one of the LOWEST commission rates available on sales.

We are all about Domain names and with us you can buy or list to sell your domain name in 3-Easy-Steps!

A Good website Domain Name is essential for success in today's online world.

A Good name provides an online business or project with a firm foundation and website home address on which to build. It demonstrate to visitors (and the world) that you are there to help make it as smooth as possible to deal with you.

A Bad domain name will likely be a permanent 'ball and chain' around any web project.

A Good domain name is the first signal to your online audience that you have complete confidence in what you provide.

Every Good idea deserves a Good Home

It's Easy for

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    Select a domain name you are happy with

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    Register for a FREE account and log in

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    Make an offer to buy your chosen domain name.

    We will then be in touch after putting your offer to the owner listing the domain, if it is not a domain name already owned by ourselves

Note: The price you offer as buyer includes transfer of the domain to your chosen registrar and there is no additional commission or fee* paid to us by you.

* Your chosen payment method may incur payment or bank charges. Only the seller pays a fair commission to us subtracted from the proceeds of your offer if the sale is agreed by both the seller and you (as buyer).

Easy for

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    Register for a FREE account on our site and log in

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    Add your domain name(s) for sale when logged in

  • 3

    Add the verification code generated for each domain for sale to your domain's DNS TXT record

    The listing will go live after we verify the domain is yours via DNS and/or other methods. We will communicate offers to you as they are received so you can accept, decline or counter offers to buy your domain. Sellers can edit or remove their listed domains at any time.

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Note: You can only list for sale, domain names that you own, have registered with a registrar and for which you currently control the DNS record.

New listing accounts can only submit a single domain name to list for sale until they have at least one domain name verified by us via DNS.

Some Home Truths

and Misconceptions

Benefits include


It is very easy to search for domain names on our website. And then to drill down further to find what you are looking for.

It is just as straightforward to list domains for sale and control the listings within your account. (E.g. changes in price or types of offer invited, or to add or remove an existing listing)


Our fair terms are easy to understand. Sellers can simultaneously list domains elsewhere and do not need to have domains listed for sale with us registered at any particular registrar. It's a 'win/win' that increases the likelihood of selling your domain name.


Buyers pay no commission or fees* to us and sellers enjoy one of the lowest domain name sales commission rates available anywhere. (flat 9%)

(Normal transaction charges outside our control will apply depending on method of payment. e.g. bank transfer)


We only facilitate the sale and purchase of Domain names. With SelectDomain you can concentrate properly on the Domain name, with no related distractions. You can register your domain wherever you wish and separate it from your web hosting. The name is not in any way shackled to other important web services that govern the success of your website.


Domain names listed on our site are verified for ownership using numerous methods, including DNS authentication using a unique key provided to sellers for each domain. We do not list all domain name extensions, one reason being that many domain name extensions are notorious for involvement with spam and other abuse. We would make increased income by offering such domains, but at the expense of the quality we offer our customers. 


The seller receives no money from the sale of a domain name until we confirm successful transfer of the domain name. If for any reason you do not receive the domain name, you have no risk of loosing any funds. 

QUALITY NAMES concentrate on higher quality domain names. These are commonly the pre-registered, more select domain names which are more likely to perform for your web projector business.   


As well as inviting you to list your domains for sale, we own a collection of quality domain names acquired over time. also work with carefully chosen, trusted partners to expand the choice of names offered to our customers, but never at the expense of quantity over quality. 

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Much information about domain names on the web is confusing, inaccurate or contradictory. There is also the problem of 'vested interests'. Here we try to 'cut through' all of that and respond in 'Plain English' with what you need to know:

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